Which of the following skin care products is most important for you?
  •   Night time Cream
  •   Daytime Cream
  •   Facial Serum
  •   Under eye cream
  •   Toner
  •   Whatever, as long as it has SPF

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Welcome to INKUTO and our range of ecological fair-traded products for you and your skin. Our products do not contain any artificial ingredients, GMO's, mineral oils, SLS's or parabens. All our ingredients are  from  ecological sources and, wherever possible, from certified organic producers. We also choose natural combinations that are especially kind and beneficial to your skin. And, unlike many others, our two main products, shea butter and african black soap, are fair-traded, not with faceless people, but with people we know. For these women, this trade means empowerment - an income, and the ability to provide a better education for their children.

The INKUTO logo, ASASE YE DURU, or 'The Earth Has Weight', is an ancient West African Adinkra symbol representing the belief that the Earth itself can provide all that is necessary for sustaining life. Choosing INKUTO products is a lifestyle choice that benefits you, benefits women and children in need, and benefits the planet we live on.