Black Soap
Inkuton tarina
tilaa tuotteita

Inkuto African Black Soap is not the same as other black soaps

Our African Black Soap is not the mass-produced African black soap in boxes all over the market. African Black Soap was originally derived from plantain skins. Plantain is a rich source of vitamins A & E and iron (plantain is a popular food in Africa & other parts of the world - it looks much like a banana, but it's bigger and longer). The skin of the plantain is dried to a specific texture under the hot African sun and then roasted in a clay oven.

The heat must be kept precisely at a constant temperature in order to achieve a particular colour, texture & smell. The roasting of the plantains determines the colour of the soap. The longer the plantains are roasted, the darker the soap. Next, the roasted skins of the plantain are mixed with palm oil and palm kernel oil to form the soap.

These oils are in their purest form - without refining - and they make for a highly nourishing soap. Different African tribes make their own variations of black soap and their recipes are highly guarded. Our other product recipes include our very popular pure coconut oil and roasted cocoa husks for another traditional and natural soap from the coastal regions.

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